Bag emptying stations

SABE proposes bag emptying stations for animal feed that allow the secure addition of solid form additives and micro-ingredients.

This system has two essential functions:

  • Dosage accuracy
  • The elimination of cross contamination through the absolute isolation between the product and the dust suction

Material dosage is carried out by pouring the material until the target value is reached.

The advantages of the SABE bag emptying station are the following:

  • The quantity can be checked by the operator and makes it possible to adjust the weight with eventual top-up before validating
  • Weighing accuracy < 2%
  • The suction does not impact sensor accuracy
  • Operators can sequence several additives at the same time
  • The entire weighing system can be fully cleaned, and even washed, depending on the layout conditions
  • Height saving (weighing carried out in the bag filler and the bottom hopper is only used as a buffer hopper)

Download the SABE bag emptying station product sheet here.